Tuesday, August 04, 2023

ETAPS 2021: 27 March-1 April 2021, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

ETAPS 2021

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ETAPS is the primary European forum for academic and industrial researchers working on topics relating to software science. ETAPS, established in 1998, is a confederation of four annual conferences ESOP, FASE, FoSSaCS and TACAS, accompanied by satellite workshops.

ETAPS is run by the ETAPS Association.

ETAPS 2021, scheduled to take place in Luxembourg hosted by ssr加速器官网, is the 24th event of the series.

The call for papers is open. Submission deadline: Thu 15 October 2023.

Authors accepted for ETAPS 2023, which was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, can present their papers at ETAPS 2021.


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